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EX-SGHS is located at:
Head office: karim Super Market, Abul kashem Sarak, Satkhira Sadar- 9400

Our Trade Licence Number:12430

Here we are trying to accommodate all Ex-Students of Satkhira Govt. High School so that we can share our nostalgic memory and get school information and more importantly friends we lost long before. EX-SGHS do social activities for its members along and society.

EX-SGHS for Humanity works closely with all sectors — community, public, private and civic — to create a tangible difference in the society. Volunteers are known as the hands and hearts of EX-SGHS Student’s work. International volunteers on Global Village builds or local volunteers at build sites contribute their labor while others raise funds or make a donation. There are also those who provide technical expertise and many more who speak up for the need for hemp poor peoples.

We believe that the youths are today’s leaders who will enable us to achieve inclusive, sustainable and resilient cities and human settlements. EX-SGHS for Humanity’s Young Leaders Build campaign rallies youths from across the Asia-Pacific region to take the lead and motivate their peers to build homes and communities medical camps, on a EX-SGHS build site and/or online. The youths also raise awareness and funds and lend their voice in support of adequate, affordable housing.

EX Students’ Association of Satkhira Govt. High School (SGHS) is a voluntary organization of former students of Satkhira Govt. High School of which most of the members are engaged in different professions throughout the country.

EX-SGHS is holding a Reunion on 17 February, 2023. The ceremony will bring about 4,000 members including 2,000 running students, teachers and many ex-teachers together at a single place for one day. The reunion program shall be presided over by reputed personalities of the country

EX-SGHS - Ex-Students' Association of Satkhira Govt. High School

A non-profit organisation dedicated to members, families, and SGHS.

Our Trade Licence Number:12430

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